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Library: FAQ

SCGOPHCG Hospital Library and Information Service

SCGOPHCG Hospital Library and Information Service Librarians focus on and ensure to provide orientation and information sessions, literature search services and training, EndNote application training, and access to purchased and subscribed print & electronic resources that deliver research-derived data, information and knowledge to healthcare clinicians, managers, policy-makers, educators and researchers. 

All SCGOPHCG Hospital staff have 24/7 onsite access to SCGOPHCG Hospital Library (currently located at SCGH, E block, 1st floor, room 229).  The physical library provides access to print and electronic resources, 7 computers and work and study space. 

Staff are also able to access all subscribed print & electronic resources (databases) remotely using their Health Employee number and password by linking to

SCGOPHCG Hospital Library is currently staffed by Head of Department-Librarian, Senior Librarian and Librarian. Staff can be contacted via email at or phone (08) 64574143.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. We encourage use of a supported browser to access library content, including Microsoft Edge (preferably), Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. 

How do I access library services?

How do I get after-hours access to the Library?

  • After hours access can only be given to staff with a SCGOPHCG Security ID Card.
  • Medical staff are given access on commencement.
  • Students employed at SCGOPHCG are given access for the duration of their course.
  • Other staff may apply for approval, email or t. (08) 6457 4143.

Can I access the Library resources from home (remote or offsite access)?

  • Yes. Use your WA Health username and password to log in.
    NOTE: You must activate your password onsite before you can access resources via login.
  • Students enrolled in hospital-based courses should use the login provided for the course. 

To request remote or offsite (EzProxy application) access to SCGOPHCG library online resources

The form eHFN-030 can only be accessed onsite at NMHS hospitals

  • Link to NMHS-HealthPoint page
  • Click on Forms link on top of the page
  • Click IT Forms on left hand side under Other WA Health Forms
  • Under IT forms-frequently used (middle section) click on Computer access request (eHFN-030)
  • Log-in with your User Name (HE number) and Password used to access your WA Health account
  • Click Change My Access
  • Complete the form and make sure you have your current manager / supervisor as the Authorised Approver
  • Under Site location Details in field Primary region select ‘Metro’ and in field Primary Site select ‘Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital’ from drop down arrow
  • Under Applications / Computer Resources in field Application Group select ‘Core’ and in field Application Name select EzProxy
  • Click Submit (bottom of screen)

       Please contact us if you need assist 

Can I download eBooks to read offline?

  • No. Our licensing does not allow eBooks to be downloaded. They are intended to be viewed via the publisher’s website. 

How do I renew my loan items?

  • Go to the Library Catalogue
  • Click My account (under 'My Library' on the right)
  • Enter your name and barcode (provided on registration) and click Submit
  • A list of your borrowed items will appear with the due dates
  • Click Renew All or tick the items you wish to renew and click Renew Selected
  • Phone the Library on 6457 4143

How do I put a hold on a book that is currently on loan?

  • Email or visit the library or phone us on 6457 4143

Can I borrow from other Health Libraries?

  • Yes. Send details of the book required to the Library via email or t. 6457 4143

How do I request articles the library doesn't have?

How do I order a book or journal for my department?

  • Use the Recommend a resource form. Please ensure the purchase is authorised by the Head of Department or Division.

Can I get a quote before buying?

  • Yes. Please request a quote in the comments section of the Order Form or email the Library. 

Does the library have a scanner/fax/copier/printer and how much does it cost?

  • Yes. A scanner and fax are available for your convenience.
  •  A photocopier may be used at no charge when copying for work related purposes. ‚Äč

Does the library have an image library?

  • Approximately 2 million images and associated multimedia are available in ClinicalKey and may be used in your PowerPoint presentations or papers. Attribution is required.
  • The SCGOPHCG Audio Visual Production Unit can provide access to an image library and offer a graphic design service.

Clinical Resources Apps

To download Clinical Resources Apps click here

Keep Up to Date with New Research

Find information about Read by QxMD at SCGOPHCG to keep up with new research published in your area of practice or your favourite journals.


The WA Health licence agreement for EndNote allows for installation on Windows or Mac PCs.

Please see click here for installation details.

Webmail Access

See the WA Health staff portal to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Webmail access on your device.

WA Health multi-factor authentication guide.

SCGOPHCG Statistical Consultation Service

SCGOPHCG Statistical Consultation Service is available to all researchers employed at SCGH or OPH and who are conducting research at either of these site by SCGOPHCG Department of Research .  Please refer to Statistical Services page for information about access to statistical analysis software.

Using HealthPoint

The SCGOPHCG HealthPoint Hub is available onsite only (intranet link).

Access the Doctor's Den (available onsite only) to find all information you need while working at SCGOPHCG.

Hospital Guidelines can be found on each Department or Division's HealthPoint page:

  • Go to Directory (available onsite only)
  • Select relevant Department or Division
  • Look for Guidelines box or links

Library Staff

Tazien Pirmorady-Esfahani
Head of Department, Librarian
Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group Library
T: (08) 6457 4607
(Monday to Friday)

Haleh Rajabi
Senior Librarian
Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group Library
T: (08) 6457 4143
(Wed - Fri)

Carol Kestel
Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group Library
T: (08) 6457 4143


NOTE:   From June 15, 2022Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by Microsoft. We encourage customers to use a supported browser to access library content, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Google Scholar - set your institution library

You can set-up SCGOPHCG Hospital library link in Google Scholar by:

  • Selecting the Google Scholar menu (located in the top-right hand corner of the screen) 
  • Choosing Settings
  • Selecting Library links
  • Searching for and adding SCGH Hospital Library you have a membership with

Need Assistance: Contact Us

SCGH library, E Block, Level 1, Room 229, Hospital Avenue, Nedlands WA 6009
24 / 7 swipe card access
Librarian assistance: 9am - 4pm (Mon-Fri)
T:(08) 6457 4143


IT assistance 13 44 77 
7:30am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)