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Library: SCGH Library Bookmarklet

What is a Bookmarklet?

Access to Library resources is contolled by a proxy string within the URL that carries information to publisher sites to authorise article downloads from subscribed resources.

Avoid having to link to references via the Library website to download articles. The following bookmarklets automatically attach the Library's proxy string to a URL, proving to a publisher that you have access rights.

How to Use the Proxy Bookmarklet

If you're trying to access an article or eBook that requires a subscription to download eg. Medical Journal of Australia 

  • click the SCGOPH Proxy bookmarklet in your list of Favourites
  • login with your HE number and password if not on the SCGOPH network
  • where SCGOPH Library has a subscription you will be able to access the article

This will work for most sites, however, authentication is sometimes more complex and you will need to access via the Library's website.

Bookmarklet for Mobiles

Step 1: Bookmark a website and name it SCGOPH Proxy

Step 2: Edit the Bookmark

  • Change the URL field - delete original URL and copy the following line of text into the URL box


Problem Solving
JavaScript must be enabled for your browser for the bookmarklet to work.
To enable JavaScript on Safari:

  • Go to Settings - Safari and scroll to the bottom - select Advanced - JavaScript must be green (enabled)

Bookmarklet for computers and laptops


  • Click and drag the following link to Bookmarks SCGOPH Proxy

Internet Explorer

  • Right click the following link SCGOPH Proxy
  • Select Add to Favorites
  • You may be prompted with a security alert "You are adding a favourite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?" . Click Yes to continue.


  • Right click on this link: SCGOPH Proxy
  • Select Bookmark This Link
  • Alternatively, click and drag the link to the Bookmarks toolbar.