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Technical Problems: Home

Technical Problems

9 November 2017 

Although the JAMA network journals should now be displaying correctly from within the WA Health network following an amendment to the firewall rules on the WA Health proxy server, it appears  that there are still problems being reported.

If you have problems using JAMA from within the network, use this unproxied link -  From offsite, the usual link will work.

This is related to the issue noted below.

The Chrome browser is now generating security warnings for any website with forms, search boxes, login fields or other input sections if the website does not have a security certificate that uses the https protocol.. Other browsers are also increasing the level of security required. As the WA Health deployed version of Chrome is not the latest this should only affect offsite users at present.

Why might this matter?
Websites require security certificates to be installed in order to communicate using the https protocol. Some publisher sites are not yet compliant (they haven’t yet installed a security certificate). The Librarians have installed all required security certificates on the Library site and have made all the required link changes to the https protocol where it is possible to do so. WA Health is using outdated security technology and this will cause ongoing problems with the https protocol until rectified. This has been reported to HSS.

If you encounter e-resources sites that won’t load correctly, either click on the ‘Report Broken Link’ option that often shows or email direct to the Library.  These will be investigated and solutions sought.

Having problems with the website display?

The website works well with all modern browsers.

There may be problems if using older versions of Internet Explorer. IE may be running in 'Compatibility View'.  

To overcome this click on the cog showing in the top right hand side of the browser screen.

Click on 'Compatability View Settings'

If there is a tick in the box called 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View', untick that box.

Page not building correctly?

Press Control with F5 to force a refresh of the view.

Contact the Library if you have an ongoing problem with downloads of PDFs from subscribed resources.